Sectional lectures

The scientific program will consist of plenary opening and closing lectures, sectional lectures, mini-symposia, and contributed papers presented in lecture and seminar presentation sessions. Invitations to present contributed papers will be made on the recommendation of the International Papers Committee, based on their review of submitted abstracts and short papers.

Two additional lectures will be presented by the recipients of the Batchelor Prize in Fluid Mechanics and the Rodney Hill Prize in Solid Mechanics. These prizes will be presented for the first time at the Congress.

The text of the opening and closing lectures, sectional lectures and mini-symposia introductory lectures will be printed in the Congress Proceedings to be published by Springer. All accepted Short Papers will be published on the CD-ROM Proceedings.

Opening Lecture

The role of mechanics in advancing thermal barrier coatings
John Hutchinson
Harvard University, USA

[+] Abstract

Closing Lecture

Physical limnology: advances and future challenges
Jorg Imberger
University of Western Australia, Australia

[+] Abstract

Batchelor Prize Lecture

Interfaces: in fluid mechanics and across disciplines
Howard Stone
Harvard University, USA

[+] Abstract

Rodney Hill Prize Lecture

Nonconvex plasticity and deformation microstructures
Michael Ortiz
California Institute of Technology, USA

[+] Abstract

Fluid mechanics sectional lectures

Nonlinear transient growth on a vortex column
Fazle Hussain and Dhoorjaty Pradeep
University of Houston, USA

[+] Abstract
Bubbles in micro- and nano-fluidics
Detlef Lohse
University of Twente, Netherlands

[+] Abstract
Capillary constructions
David Quere
Ecole Sup\'erieure Physique et de Chimi Industrielles, France

[+] Abstract
Indian Ocean Dipole and its possible link with climate modes
Toshio Yamagata
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Japan

[+] Abstract
The aerodynamics of wind turbines
Jens S{\o}rensen
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

[+] Abstract
Onset of oscillatory thermocapillary convection
Wenrui Hu
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

[+] Abstract

Solid mechanics sectional lectures

Self-healing materials systems: where mechanics meets chemistry
Nancy Sottos
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

[+] Abstract
Characterization of heterogeneous materials by multi-scale simulations
Peter Wriggers
University of Hannover, Germany

[+] Abstract
Failure of rocks in the laboratory and the Earth
John Rudnicki
Northwestern University, USA

[+] Abstract
Plasto-mechanics of large deformation under impact loading
Narinder Gupta
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

[+] Abstract
Micro-architectured solids: from blast resistant structures to morphing wings
Norman Fleck
University of Cambridge, UK

[+] Abstract
Maximal information systems
Hugh Durrant-Whyte
University of Sydney, Australia

[+] Abstract

Fluids and solids sectional lectures

Biomechanical aspects in human reproduction
David Elad
Tel Aviv University, Israel

[+] Abstract
From dry granular flows to submarine avalanches
Olivier Pouliquen
Polytech Marseille, France

[+] Abstract
Cellular matter: interfacial mechanics and geometry
Sascha Hilgenfeldt
Northwestern University, USA

[+] Abstract
Material instabilities in elastic and plastic solids
Davide Bigoni
University of Trento, Italy

[+] Abstract
Instabilities of flows through deformable tubes and channels
Oliver Jensen
University of Nottingham, UK

[+] Abstract