About IUTAM and its Congresses

The International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM) was formed in 1946 with the objective of creating a link between persons and national or international organizations engaged in scientific work (theoretical or applied) in solid and fluid mechanics or in related sciences.

IUTAM achieves this aim mainly by organizing international meetings to deal with scientific problems. An International Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM), including mini-symposia and pre-nominated sessions, is held every four years. It is organized by the Congress Committee, established by the IUTAM General Assembly.

Additionally, a number of specialized Symposia with invited participants are held every year. These IUTAM Symposia are sometimes held in cooperation with other Unions adhering to the International Council for Science or with the 17 organizations affiliated to IUTAM. At present there are 49 Adhering Organizations, each of them representing scientific activity in the field of mechanics in a country or particular geographical region.

ICTAM 2008 follows twenty-one IUTAM congresses organized all over the world since 1924.

YearICTAM Congress location
1924Delft, Netherlands
1926Zurich, Switzerland
1930Stockholm, Sweden
1934Cambridge, UK
1938Cambridge, USA
1946Paris, France
1948London, UK
1952Istanbul, Turkey
1956Brussels, Belgium
1960Stresa, Italy
1964Munich, Germany
1968Stanford, USA
1972Moscow, Russia
1976Delft, Netherlands
1980Toronto, Canada
1984Lyngby, Denmark
1988Grenoble, France
1992Haifa, Israel
1996Kyoto, Japan
2000Chicago, USA
2004Warsaw, Poland

A history of previous congresses is given on the History of IUTAM site.